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I had been in full-time employmet for 3 years and became unemployed in March. Since then (i.e. 4 months) I have been receiving Dagpenge (full ammount, no part-time jobs). Recently, things got a little difficult privately and I failed short on checking my job proposals in Jobnet (which I am supposed to do at least every 7 days). Despite that I was still applying for the required number of jobs and documentaing that in my joblog on Jobnet.

Today I got a letter from Cph Kommune informing that I have been unregistered as unemployed because I failed to keep with the requirements. I called them immediately and was instructed to go to Jobnet ASAP and register as unemployed again (there was a form to do that that appeared automatically when I logged in). All went smoothly, but the Jobnet now shows information that I need to send the Ledighedserklæring form (AR251) to A-Kasse again.

Does this mean that now I need to do everything afresh and A-kasse may essentially refuse to register me again for Dagpenge? Does anyone know what are my options in this situation? I am a little desperate...

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if this is first time you have not complied with the requirements, then the A-kasse can only stops paying dagpnge, if you do not have the necessary ability or will to be available for the labour market.

But this can not be the case for you, because you have applied for the nessasary number of jobs every week.

So for this kind of misconduct with requirements, you can maximum be punished with 3 weeks suspension, or "as long as" you don't meet the requirements.

So I strongly recommend you to get registered correctly again as soon as possible, also in your A-kasse (the AR251 form).

The A-kasse will not make a new assesment of whether you are eligible for dagpenge or not.

If this is the second time you don't meet requirements then the consequencens can be more severe, but this is not what you tell us.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk
Yes, this is the first time I have had been unregistered. I have got an email warning from A-kasse several days before the letter from Kommune, but I missed it until it was too late.