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The question is simple. I am graduating in a few weeks and I plan to start on a short-term job (let's say for 4-5 months). I am a EU citizen. Is it possible (was it necessary) to benefit from A-kasse after the short-term contract ends?
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yes it is possible, but only if you remember to get your status changed from student to graduate in your A-kasse. This must be done at latest 14 days after graduation.

If you are not already a member of A-kasse, then you must become a member at latest 14 days after graduation.

When you have graduate staus in the A-kasse, then you have right to receive dagpenge for up to 2 year.

And if you get short-term jobs, then you will just continue where you left in the dagpenge-period after the contract ends.

And if you go directly from graduation to job, then you can always begin to receive dagpenge at a later time/after the contract ends. However the 2-year period with dagpenge, must be used within a 3-year period.

The period where you have worked (and not have received dagpenge) will be added to the end of the 2-year period. And also work will extend the 2-year dagpenge-period...every hour worked gives two more hours with dagpenge.

Finally you have the option to get you dagpenge-rate as graduate (the amount you receive every month), recalculated to a higher level, when you have performed at least 3 months of work. However you can only require a recalculation from your A-kasse, 6 months after graduation. The higher amount will be recalculated based on your income in the 3 months of work after graduation.

So every kind of job have, while you are in a period with dagpenge, only gives you benefits.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk