Entitled to A-kasse after 2 months away from Denmark


I expect to graduate on the 12th of July, hence I will change my student membership to graduate that day. So far so good.
As I'm planning to travel a bit after graduation, I won't be in Denmark for around 1-2 months.

I was wondering what happens in this case with the dagpenge. I guess I will have to notify the A-kasse that I will be away?
Also, when I return back to Denmark, will I be eligible to start receiving the dagpenge, as I would be here and I will be applying for jobs?

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from the day you change your status to graduate, you have the right to start receiving dagpenge within 2 years (without further requirements).

You only need to inform the A-kasse, if you receive dagpenge at the time you go on holiday.

When you come back to Denmark, you only need to register as unemployed at Jobnet.dk, and tell your A-kasse that you now want to receive dagpenge.

If you have not used any of your dagpenge, before going on holiday, then you will have the right to receive dagpenge for a 2 year period.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk