What if I get a job offer from jobnet while receiving supplerende dagpenge?

Let's say I'm receiving supplerende dagpenge as a graduate (I have a part-time job and I'm able to end my job in one day notice). What if I get a job offer from Jobnet and I refuse it, because it is not something I would like to do? Is this possible or will I lose my rights to receive supplerende dagpenge? Or how does this work with the job looking?
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when you receive supplerende dagpenge, you must be available for the labour market, like it you were on "normal" dagpenge. This means that you must accept job offers from the Jobcenter.

Offers from the Jobcenter must as far as possible be based on yours wishes and assumptions for permanent employment. But the start of point is that you must accept the offers from the Jobcenter, if you are not able to find something your self.

As long as you don't accept reasonable job offers from the Jobcenter, you will not receive dagpenge.

If the Jobcenter finds that you do not have the necessary ability or will to be available, then it can have severe consequences for you, because you can lose the right to receive dagpenge. If that happens you must work 300 hours before you can get dagpenge again.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk
Hello again, thank you for the answer.

So, if I can't find a job by myself, after what time will Jobcenter start to offer me jobs? Also, if I have a part-time job, do I have to look for another job to get supplerende dagpenge?

I can not say when the Jobcenter will offer you jobs (or other kind of activity)...it depends on how they assess your "case". If they don't find you are interested in finding a FULL time job, then they will probably do it after few months. But if you search full time jobs and seems interested in getting a full-time job, then there will probably go up to 6 months before the Jobcenter will do anything.
You can also only receive supplerende dagpenge for a maximum period of 30 weeks - so therefore I also dont think the Jobcenter will use much effort on your case.

But there is no rules saying what time the Jobcenter should/can do things, so it differs from case to case.

However in your case, where you have a part-time job already, I think the Jobcenter will use more energy on other cases.

While you are receiving supplerende dagpenge, you must be available for a FULL-time job, and search for FULL-time job.

Alright, it's more clear now, thank you. And how will I document or prove to Jobcenter that I'm searching for a full-time job? By emailing or calling them?
You must update your job-log at Jobnet.dk with all job applications. And both your A-kasse and Jobcenter have access to see your job-log.
Perfect, this thread is so helpful! And if I have my final exam on the 18th of June and I apply for supplerende dagpenge right after I pass my exam (I'm a member of an A-kasse since September 2017), when will I receive the benefits for the first time?
I think You will receive benefits first time on july 1, 2019 (for the period 18/6-30/6), but you must get this confirmed by your A-kasse.