Standard forms for social security rights

Forms that certify your benefits (social security) situation when moving within the EU.

These forms are useful for exercising your rights to benefits as an EU national living and/or working in an EU country other than your own — or having done so in the past.

Forms in pdf (fillable)

  • In english: PD U1 (This document is for an unemployed person who claims unemployment benefits in a Member State and who was previously insured or worked in another Member State. Periods to be taken into account for granting unemployment benefits). See guide here.
  • In english: PD U2 (This document is for an unemployed person who are moving to another EU State to look for work, and want to keep his/her unemployments benefits from the country where he/she got unemployed). See guide here.
  • In english: A1 (This certificate concerns the social security legislation which applies to you and confirms that you have no obligations to pay contributions in another State). See guide here.


FTFa A-kasse

The cheapest A-kasse in the category "Open for Anyone"
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Det Faglige Hus

Denmark's cheapest A-kasse with trade union
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Cheap A-kasse and HR Law for the self-employed
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Main topics about A-kasse

Transferring periods of work and insurance from another EEA Country As an EU citizen you can transfer acquired rights from Unemployment Insurance between EU contries. Be aware that there are some requirements and deadlines that are important to meet. And you have to use a PD U1 Form. Read more here..
Transferring unemployment benefits Under certain conditions you can go to another EU country to look for work and continue to receive your unemployment benefits from the country where you became unemployed. And you have to use a PD U2 Form. Read more here..
Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") Remember you have to be member of an A-kasse for 1 year before you can claim Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge"). And you must meet the income-requirement. Read more here..
International graduates Graduates in Denmark can get Unemployment benefits from the first day after graduation, if they have been member as student of an A-kasse for at least 1 year. Read more...
Residence Card If you are a non-EU citizen you must have a residence Card which allows you to take any job with one day notice. This is because you must be available for the labor market for being eligible for unemployment benefits ("dagpenge").
Membership fee In Denmark many people are member of both A-kasse and trade Union. Especially for the Union membership there are significant difference in price for membership.