Are you comprised by the Danish social security rules?

Social security cover abroad

Which country you're covered by depends on 2 factors:

  • your work situation (employed, self-employed, unemployed, posted abroad, working across the border from where you live, and so on)
  • country of residence. This is the country where you usually live or where your "centre of interest" is located - not your nationality.

You may not choose which country you will be covered by.

When working or living abroad, you will have social security cover by either your home country or the host country. In either case, you'll need to make arrangements to make sure you stay covered after you move to your new country.

This article is aimed at people who work either exclusively or partly in Denmark but is connected to another country, for example by having residence in another country.
If you are student in Denmark and soon will graduate, your rights to get benefits if unemployed depend on whether you are from an EEA country or not. Please read our special sections/guidance here:
See our guide for students.
See our guide for graduates.

You work in Denmark - can you have social rights like Danish citizens?

The point of departure is that a person who physically exclusively performs his/her job functions in Denmark is comprised by Danish social security rules. This is the case regardless of whether you live in another EU Member State, whether the employer is domiciled in another EU Member State or where tax is paid.

To be comprised by Danish social security rules means that the right to social security services must be assessed according to Danish rules. Danish social security services are for example health insurance, family benefits, sickness and maternity benefits, pension, unemployment benefits, daily sick pay, ATP (Danish labour market supplementary pension) and industrial injury insurance.

Whether a person is comprised by Danish social security rules is in general decided by the relevant Danish authority. You need to contact your municipality of residence.

There are special approval requirements if you are an employee temporarily posted to Denmark or if you normally work in several EU Member States.

If you work in both Denmark and your country of residence, you normally have social security in your country of residence. If you work in two countries, you should contact the relevant authority in your country of residence for a clarification of where you have social security.

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